Jason Walker is a zoology student and a very good baseball player from Vista, Colorado. Unlike many prospective zoology students, he actually worked in a zoo.

He Never knew that his Voluntary Job would lead him to another World, Lyrian where he would team up with Rachael to seek the word to destroy Maldor.

He Hears the music from a hippopotamus and leans over to hear and accidentally falls on it and gets swllowed by the hippo, from te mouth of the hippo, he falls behind a bush in another world which he discovers to be Lyrian.

He then tries to rescue the Giddy Nine and does mess it all up and flee to the Repository of Learning where he spends some days until he couldn't resist to know the secret of the forbidden floor in the building. He unclocks the code and in the floor finds, the Book of Salzared in which is inscribed in the flesh of Salzared, the first syllable of the word. An eye opens from the book which notices Jason and he is equiped by the Loremaster to go find the Blind King, and which he does.